LUXURY, BLUE LACE (Autumn House, 2019)
Chosen by Richard Siken for the 2018 Rising Writer Prize

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“An extraordinary debut…a work of rare beauty and thoughtfulness.”
(Publishers Weekly starred review)
“…stay[s] in the reader’s mind long after the final page”
(The Adroit Journal)
“I think of the collection as an Agnes Martin painting: beautiful in how it distorts our notions of simplicity.”
(the Blake Quarterly blog)
“Expansive, generous, deeply considered, and highly lyric, this book, with its transformations and overlaps, astounds.”
(Richard Siken, author of Crush, 2018 Rising Writer Prize Judge)
“This stunning, canny debut…at once luxuriously lyric and theoretically rich, attuned to the heady ambivalence of gender, genre, and time”
(Cameron Awkward-Rich, author of Sympathetic Little Monster)
“The poems linger beautifully on these delicate, precise precipices of knowing and unknowing, and the wet mouth of the desire to remake, never tipping over into folly or disarray. Instead, they are graceful. And so tender.”
(Dawn Lundy Martin, author of Good Stock Strange Blood)


METEORITES (DoubleCross Press, 2018)
Limited-edition letterpress chapbook & finalist for the inaugural Chautauqua Janus Prize for Innovative Prose (Order) (Excerpt) (Interview)
(Bloof Books 2018 Recommended Reading)

“…this generous, remarkable chapbook might “hold the dysphoria in a clean line,” but it refuses to reconcile multiplicity and variance with normativity.” (Brian Teare)


Performance pieces: two monologues, one suite for voices, a one-act play.
(Free PDF) (Print) (Excerpt) (Interview) (Cover photograph by Olivia Edvalson)